Scala SDK 4.0 RC1

Up until the latest release candidate of the Scala SDK I was running Scala SDK 3.0.3 for Scala 2.10 projects and Scala SDK 3.0.4 for Scala 2.11 projects. Not a hardship but cumbersome. So I searched Google for “scala 2.10 in 3.0.4” to see if I could combine projects in the newer release. Instead I found a link to the Release Notes for Scala SDK 4.0 RC1. It prominently promised “Multiple Scala versions support”.

After installation a 2.11 project import worked smoothly (2.11 was set as the default Scala compiler). Importing the latest homework assignment for Martin Odersky’s Functional Programming in Scala class from Coursera, which uses 2.10 as its Scala version, showed errors. 2.11 was set as default Scala compiler and some of the dependent libraries did not seem to have 2.11 versions. But setting:

Properties -> Scala Compiler -> Scala Installation: Latest 2.10 bundle dynamic

Fixed all errors and both the 2.11 and 2.10 projects coexist peacefully in one SDK. Happiness! Big “thank you” to the Scala IDE team!

Bonus: Scala IDE 4.0 is based on the latest Eclipse Luna, which has some great new features