Amazon German Kindle books

Last year I bought my mother, a native German, an Amazon Kindle. My mother is over 85 years old and the Kindle Paperwhite allows her to adjust font size, is very lightweight and has long battery life. Luckily, Amazon has many German language Kindle titles but finding them via the (US) website seems not as easy as it could be. Enter Google.

The following Google query finds all German Kindle books on Amazon:

There are also a lot of free Kindle eBooks, i.e. books whose copyrights have expired (German: urheberrechtsfrei - copyright free) to be found via:

From “Die blaue Hand” to “Der Kleine Lord”, “Oliver Twist” to “Huckleberry Finns Abenteuer und Fahrten”, “Der Trotzkopf” to “Der Graf von Monte Christo” there are many, many great books to be had for free.